Kassem Bassar

I have started my career path seven years ago, since i graduated with a B.A in 2012 and an MBA in 2014 both from LIU, to a master’s degree in ISEB at USJ and finally enrolled in a new extremely challenging endeavor, the CFA where i currently successfully completed the first level.

It was while i was doing my master’s at ISEB, that i met Mr. Shady riachi, an enthuastic, devoted and knowledgeable person who felt my ambition, devotion,and eagerness for more.., he convinced me to enroll the CFA with FRI and here i am, proudly holding a good passing grade for levels I & II.

The endless, arduous effort paid off and there is no stopping me as i am looking for Level III.

Thanks to jad, shady, nora and antoine for making this experience enriching, memorable and the diversified material learning enjoyable...

See you all fellow  mates...

The sky is our limit.

Banker at IBL bank

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I & II