The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation is a must have for finance and investment professionals and any working professional looking for a real competitive edge. The CFA® program is one of the most widely recognized financial designations and was ranked by The Economist as the gold standard in financial designations. With pass rates that are among the lowest between all available certifications, the CFA® program is a sign of dedication, excellence in investement knowledge and adherence to a strict code of ethics and professional standards.

The CFA® Program is an internationally recognized certification that proves your knowledge of financial and accounting principles on a global level. It is a passport to international employment, and the perfect way to start or expand your career opportunities. The Program is composed of 3 levels. Each of the three levels covers a full range of topics with a different focus. The topic focus for Level I is on investment tools; Level II is on asset valuation; Level III is on portfolio management. The learning focus also changes with each exam, from knowledge and comprehension (Level I) to application and analysis (Level II) and to synthesis and evaluation (Level III). The curriculum is organized into 10 general topic areas that provide a framework for making investment decisions.

To earn the CFA® designation, a candidate must pass all 3 levels and meet other criteria (refer to
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  Level I Level II Level III
Ethical and Professional Standards (total) 15% 10- 15% 10%
Investment Tools (total) 50% 30-55% 0%
Corporate Finance 7% 5-15% 0%
Economics 10% 5-10% 5 -15%
Financial Reporting and Analysis 20% 15-20% 0%
Quantitative Methods 12% 5-10% 0%
Asset Classes (total) 30% 35-70% 35-45%
Alternative Investments 4% 5-10% 5-15%
Derivatives 5% 5-15% 5-15%
Equity Investments 10% 15-25% 5-15%
Fixed Income 10% 10-20% 10-20%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (total) 7% 5-10% 40-55%
Total 100% 100% 100%


To Register for the exams:
  • Have a bachelor's (or equivalent) degree, or be in the final year of their bachelor's degree programme at the time of registration.
  • Be prepared to take the exam in English.
  • Understand the professional conduct requirements.
  • Have a valid international travel passport (required for enrolment and exam registration).
  • Pay the relevant registration CFA Institute fees
To become a CFA® charterholder:
The Level I exam is held twice per year, in June and in December.
The Levels II and III exams are held only once a year in June.

June CFA® Exam and Fee Schedule
Note: More information can be found on the official CFA Institute Website.

New registrants pay both the registration and enrollment fee. Returning candidates pay only the Registration Fee.
Exam Fees  First deadline Second deadline Final deadline
End of Sept Mid Feb Mid March
Program Enrollment $450 $450 $450
Exam Registration $700 $1000 $1,450

December Level I Exam and Fee Schedule
Note: More information can be found on the official CFA Institute Website.
Exam Fees  First deadline Second deadline Final deadline
Mid March Mid August Mid Sept
Program Enrollment $450 $450 $450
Exam Registration $700 $1000 $1,450

*** Note that all candidates must have a valid international travel passport. This is required for enrollment and exam registration.

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