Who We Are

Finance & Risk Institute (FRI) was established with the strong desire to provide the highest quality in finance and risk management education, trainings and preparatory courses for international certifications in addition to best-in-class financial and management consulting and advisory services.

FRI relies on a team of highly skilled lecturers, instructors and consultants who strive to offer a flawless service and to deliver strong impact for all its clients: students, corporates, banks and financial institutions. 

What We Do

FRI specializes in 3 main areas:

We provide the most complete, flexible and highest quality preparatory courses for the most widely recognized finance, risk management and accounting certifications such as the CFA®, FRM and CMA programs. FRI takes pride in its team of unique instructors, all certified in the relevant program and having more than 500 hours of teaching experience.

We offer finance and risk managemet trainings for banks, financial institutions and individuals who wish to stay on top of current financial knowledge. With its team of highly competent lecturers who also occupy senior positions in the industry, FRI is able to provide relevant, up to date and practical trainings and seminars in all important areas of Finance and Risk Management.

We provide top-notch consulting and advisory services, thanks to our team of experienced consultants who mostly worked for the largest international consulting firms. Thanks to our wide access to highly talented professionals, we also help international consulting firms find and recruit temporary consultants of all levels (BA, Associates, EMs) for short-term projects in a wide array of industries.

Why Us

Whether in class for preparatory courses for the CFA® exams or during a highly specialized risk management workshop, we strive to communicate real knowledge and ensure our participants and candidates not only pass an exam or comply with a regulatory requirement, but most importantly gain a rock-solid understanding of all concepts and recognize the important links that will grant them a real edge in their studies or their professional lives. 

Similarly, when we deliver our consulting and advisory services or help international consulting firms locate and recruit temporary resources to enhance the delivery of their projects, we have knowledge transmission in mind and ensure an optimal capability building experience to all our clients.