Nora El Baba, FRM

I joined FRI in 2013 for CFA level 3 preparatory class.
It was such a successful experience; classes were above any expectations and extremely beneficial, instructors were dedicated and knowledgeable, and material was covered thoroughly word by word.
After I earned my CFA designation, I got the chance to teach at this institute and at the same time I started attending FRM level 1 classes.
What I liked most about FRI is their passionate team; beside spending time to go deeply through the material, the lead instructor, Jad Doumith, was eager to spend time with us to answer all our questions and repeat unclear concepts. I could even hear the words he said in class during the exam.

Sincere thanks to this institution for the professionalism and excellence.

Examiner at BCCL, Instructor at American University of Beirut, Instructor at Finance and Risk Institute

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level III
FRM Levels passed with FRI: Level I