Georges El Chakar

I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude toward the FRI team. This institute not only helped me pass the level 1 and the level 2 exams of CFA from the first attempt but also achieve great results.

I have learned about FRI through my colleagues and I have undoubtedly made the right decision to join its courses since level 1. The learning techniques are exceptional. Difficult formulas are explained in a manner that you barely have to memorize anything. By joining FRI you can benefit from the long experience of “The Professor” Jad Doumith and his great team and save a lot of time. Instead of trying to understand hard concepts on your own, you can invest this time in practice.

Also, FRI’s mission is to help people in their CFA journey. That is why, and in order to help a larger number of students attend their classes, the institute didn’t increase its prices in 2020, following the Lebanese pound devaluation. There is no better proof that FRI cares more about its students than money.

Of course, teachers are not magicians. Your hard work and perseverance are required to succeed. Nevertheless, a combination of good teachers and hard work can encourage you to aim to be among the top 10% of candidates in the world. I did it in level 1 and almost in level 2, so why not you?  

Credit Analyst At SGBL

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I & II