Lara Bou Kheir

The first thing I did after I got the news of passing the exam was sending a “thank you “email to the institute. I felt that I owe them part of the success and that they will be as happy as much as I am for myself.

In fact, the relationship with the instructors wasn’t limited to teaching us the material but more encouraging us, supporting us and guiding us. Studying CFA is a tough journey that requires commitment and  hard work .But this journey could have been tougher , have I not joined FRI.

The first advice Mr. Doumith gave us was : “Never memorize , always understand “. This was the main key  behind the success of all of us. In fact , FRI is a team of passionate and  professional instructors who made sure to explain every concept thoroughly , linking it to real life examples so the hardest topic  became easy and clear.  

The second advice  was : “always stick to the schedule “. One of the major challenges is time management , especially for  full time employees . However,  FRI organized our studies in a way that every  topic gets the weight of study hours that It requires .
Finally, given its good reputation , I chose this institute to study CFA  and for this decision I am grateful. This being said  , if one wants to hedge the  risk of failing CFA exam , joining FRI would be the best way. 

Financial analyst at Byblos Bank

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level I