Mounir Saadeh

They say that during your lifetime, a person will pass into your life and leave his footprints, forever changing your life. They also say that in order to be successful, one must stand on the shoulders of giants... Well, the FRI team, each member, are these people, these giants.
CFA is not a difficult exam, CFA is a difficult challenge, and the exam is only a small part of this challenge, and so what an individual needs to overcome this challenge is not a good instructor, but a good mentor, an idol.
Each and every FRI instructor has his own character, his own style, and his own approach, but what all instructors at FRI share is the enthusiasm and care they provide for each student, and this is coming from one of these students.
My classmates and I will always be thankful and indebted to this team of mentors, who have shown us the guidance, care, and understanding that was integral to our journey, if your searching for an institute with good instructors, search elsewhere, but if you are searching for a family that will stand by you, guide you, and push you to your true abilities, FRI is this family.

Many challenges lie ahead, CFA levels 2 and 3, and even FRM, but with this team around, nothing is impossible.

Jad, Chadi, Antoine, Nora, thank you... 

Senior Credit Analyst at Banque Misr Liban

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level I