Ismail Khalil

An orientation session was more than enough to understand that FRI is the best option for me to undertake after-graduation certificates. FRI has the best team of instructors in the finance field with high levels of academic and practical skills. FRI is well known by its friendly culture, and that is very important for candidates settling for such challenging certificates. Moreover, all instructors are certified and went through the same experience and challenges new candidates will face, which is an asset that can’t be found anywhere else. The courses provide the candidate with the most important tools and relevant information in order to pass the exams, as I passed CFA Levels I and II and FRM Level I with FRI. I would highly recommend FRI as the first option for candidates planning to study for the CFA or FRM certificates.

Equity Broker - Libano Francaise Finance (LFF)

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I and II
FRM Levels passed with FRI: Level I