Richard Abdallah, FRM

I had first met Jad and the FRI team at the NDU campus during the annual job fair. They highlighted the importance of professional certifications for career advancement and their passion for finance helped trigger my own motivation to earn the FRM certification.

Shortly after, I attended an orientation session and 10 minutes into it I decided to register for the classes. The course is given by highly skilled instructors, every detail is covered and practical examples and ideas are shared throughout.

Jad and the team provide incredible added value to the rigorous material, this is evident through the great atmosphere in class, thorough lectures and extensive practice and follow up.

I admit that through the amazing support of FRI, I was able to successfully pass the FRM Part I exam while completing my last semester of university at the same time.
I look forward to taking the Part II classes for the exam this November!

Risk Analyst at Credit Libanais

FRM Levels passed with FRI: Level I