Nada Hilal, CFA

I have first met Jad when I was taking CFA courses at another institute; I was inspired by the level of love and knowledge he has for the material given while I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of the courses. Jad motivated me to love it before even studying it. That’s why, when he opened the institute, I directly contacted him to join and I am proud and thankful I did.
FRI team, admin and teachers, encouraged each candidate to attend the courses with motivation. FRI team did its best to explain the material and allowed the candidates to fully understand it without the need to memorize it. In fact, the teachers succeeded in explaining every paragraph in the study books, explained the rational behind each topic and made the content more realistic by enriching our minds with up-to-date practical cases and financial news. The team was available to guide us daily without any hesitation.
FRI succeeded in providing the suitable number of classes and even added additional classes free of charge, when needed.
I was deeply motivated by Jad and the FRI team, and I give them full credit for passing levels II and III of the CFA program.
I did and would advise every CFA candidate to attend classes with FRI.

Senior Financial Analyst at BSEC SAL

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels II and III