Caroline Elias

The idea of pursuing the CFA Program first came to my mind when I got my masters degree, but I was hesitant about preparing for the exams without any good guidance. After attending an orientation session, I was very impressed by the motivation and enthusiasm of Jad and how he was able to explain complicated formulas in very simple words.

FRI team was of great support.They were all there to answer all our questions, give us real life examples, and most importantly they made sure we never left class without understanding the concepts. 
It was a great experience having spent the past 3 years with them. 

I would definitely recommend FRI to anyone interested in sitting for the CFA exam.
Thank you Jad, Antoine, Nora, Reem, Joseph, Chadi and Lara. You're a great team!!

Risk Portfolio Expert Analyst - Banque Libano-Française

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I, II and III