Jan 25, 2021
Registration for the CMA® classes is NOW Open !!
Registration for the CMA® classes for Oct - Nov 2021 exam is NOW OPEN.

Please find below some general information about the CMA® classes at Finance and Risk Institute:
  • CMA classes will be delivered online.
  • We will be providing 1 day of intensive review before the exam.
  • The Rate for the full live classes program is of  1100$ (= 1,650,000LBP) (including VAT, excluding material).
  • The material we will be ordering for each registrant is the Gleim Set detailed in this link (including the book and Test Prep Software at 300$ for one part and 550$ for both parts)
For your information, the CMA Part I is NOT a prerequisite for the CMA Part II as they cover independent topics and so one can start with any part they prefer.

For registration or inquiry, you can call us on 76 404330 or send us an email at info@financeriskinstitute.com.

If you need more information or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help.