Jan 03, 2019
FRI is proud to congratulate our 6 candidates (out of 7) who passed the FRM Part II November 2018 exam.

In July 2018, Finance and Risk Institute (FRI) opened its classes for the FRM Part II exam for the second time in its history and remains to date the only institute in Lebanon offering classes for the FRM Part II exam, confirming once again its undisputed leadership in CFA and FRM preparatory classes in Lebanon.

We are particularly proud and happy to offer our FRM Part II classes as many candidates in Lebanon found it quite hard to tackle this exam on their own and were eagerly waiting for high quality preparatory classes to help them reach their goal of becoming FRM charterholders. And once again FRI delivered a flawless performance thanks to its FRM instructors :  Jad Doumith, CFA, FRM (Founder of FRI), Nora El-Baba, CFA, FRM and Marwan Doumith, CFA, FRM. 


FRI is proud to congratulate our 6 candidates (out of 7) who passed the FRM Part II November 2018 exam (Results were out on January 3, 2019):

Jawad Abou Zeidan
Jad El Gharib
Yara Dagher
Jean Freiha
Rabih Berbery
Elsa Kallassi

Our 6 passing candidates join a long list of FRM Charterholders who passed both FRM Parts with Finance and Risk institute. We also seize the opportunity to extend our congratulations to them :

Chantal El Khazen  
Jawad Shehayeb  
Lara Kojok
Lena Feghaly
Mohamad Tlaiss
Marybel Nasr

We thank our candidates for their outstanding performance and look forward to assist more and more candidates in becoming FRM Charterholders and accelerate their careers. FRI’s success will always fundamentally rely on a flawless service with pure knowledge at the center of everything we do. We believe the quality of our classes and the level of deep understanding they allow each candidate to gain is the source of our exceptional pass rates and flawless candidates’ satisfaction.

Our 12 candidates who passed FRM Part I and FRM Part II exams with FRI are also part of an already long list of FRM Charterholders in Lebanon who attended classes at FRI and passed their FRM Part I exam with us:

Aya Sharif, FRM      
Fadi Nahra, FRM    
Georges Nasr, FRM    
Marwan Doumith, CFA, FRM
Michel Spiro, FRM
Nora El Baba, CFA, FRM
Ziad El Hout, FRM
For more information on our FRM classes please contact us on +961 (76) 404330 or email us (info@financeriskinstitute.com).

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